The 2019 production of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap in October was a tense and exciting recreation of the famous murder mystery, brought to the stage of the Jetty Memorial Theatre by brilliant director Dee Tune.

The Mousetrap has been performed continuoisly on the West End and around the world for 67 years, and is a show that has a rich and esteemed history. Now, CHATS is a proud part of that history, having delivered an intense an engaging production that left audience and production team alike extremely gratified.

Our July 2019 production saw local theatre celebrity Maureen Burgress reprise her self-written pantomime, this time on the stage of the Jetty Theatre.

Jaq and the Green Pork was first performed in 2005 at the Sawtell RSL, but this year was revitalised with a diverse cast of all abilities.

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