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                   The James Hall Memorial Variety Show


James Hall Memorial Variety Show program_0001.jpg
James Hall Memorial Variety Show program_0002.jpg

The Importance of Being Earnest was presented live last year and it is now being screened to commemorate Mark Fifield, a cherished member of CHATS, who recently passed away unexpectedly.

At Mark Fifield’s funeral, some of his work colleagues approached CHATS with the idea of screening a special presentation of “The Importance of Being Earnest” to give hospital staff who worked with Mark a chance to see his talent and have an opportunity to come together to celebrate his life.
Mark played two critical roles in the play, and portrayed them brilliantly.
At the same time this is an opportunity for people to make a donation towards helping Mark’s family complete renovations on his home.
Mark was a revered member of CHATS and we feel his loss deeply.

CHATS ran a successful puppetry workshop in July. 

The workshop lasted three hours and covered elementary principles of puppetry that can be used with a variety of puppet styles.

Why puppets? Productions such as Warhorse, Shrek, The Lion King and The Very Hungry Caterpillar all use puppets to bring a sense of wonder and magic to the performance. Puppets can help an audience to suspend their disbelief as they enter a new realm of unreality during a show, and puppets can bring to life animals, scenes or concepts that would be difficult to portray with human actors.

And if you're looking for another reason, puppets will be a major feature of an upcoming CHATS production in 2023.

Puppets 1.jpg
Drew Wilson demonstrating how to bring the puppets to life
Festival poster.jpg
Puppets 3.jpg
Puppets 2.jpg
Creating our Bunraku style puppets

We have bought down the curtain on our very special event ‘One Random Act: Festival of One Act Plays’ and it is all over bar the counting and dealing with costumes.

The production has been a great success, and the quality of the plays outstanding, and we have now expanded the ranks of potential directors for both CHATS and CHMCC.

A massive thank you to Sharon, Bethany and Beckley for the huge investment of time and energy that they put into making this such a successful event.

The Importance of Being Earnest closed off with nothing but praise for our incredible cast and crew!

They worked tirelessly to bring this beloved and classic play to life even though the threat of covid hung over their heads.

An excellent show that everyone involved should be very proud of!

Bishops original.jpg

The curtain closed on our great production of ‘In Bed with the Bishops’ by Rob Selzer on Sunday July 18, after nine performances.

The standard was excellent, and all four actors stepped up and gave fabulous performances and entertained their audiences brilliantly.

CHATS returned to the Jetty Memorial Theatre stage after the pandemic restrictions were relaxed in March 2021 with the funny and sad 'Steel Magnolias', by Robert Harling, directed by Donna Fairall (her first non musical).

Six fantastic women on stage and an all female stage crew delivered a magnificent play that touched the hearts of all who saw it.


CHATS Past Productions

(In most recent show order)


Oct          A Midsummer Night's Dream           Lily Tasker & Manny Lagette

Sept        The James Hall Memorial Variety Show - CanDo Cancer Fundraiser

July         The Importance of Being Earnest (Oct 2021 show) film tribute night

                for Mark Fifield

July         Puppetry Workshop                          Drew Wilson

March     One Random Act -                            Trudy Jeffery, Rebecca Riches                       CHATS Festival of One Act Plays    Becky Cole, Rebecca Pakes,

                                                                         Lily Tasker



Oct         The Importance of Being Earnest   Rex Madigan

July        In Bed with the Bishops                    David Tune

March   Steel Magnolias                                   Donna Fairall


No shows due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Oct         The Mousetrap                                Dee Tune

Jul          Jaq and the Green Pork                 Maureen Burgess

Mar        Heathers the Musical                      Rory Banwell


Oct         Lords and Ladies                             Beckley Vincent

Jul          Toad of Toad Hall                            Rex Madigan

Mar        Calendar Girls                                   Pat Slattery


Oct         Frazzled/Love Letters                     Shirley Barnett/Alison Lowden

Jul          Legally Blonde Jr the Musical       David Tune, Stephanie Bateman

Mar        Wyrd Sisters                                     Beckley Vincent


Oct         Twelfth Night                                   Shirley Barnett

Jul          Cosi                                                   Judi Williams

Mar        Noises Off                                         Rex Madigan, David Tune


Oct         Birthrights                                         David Quinn

Jul          Death of a Salesman                       Rex Madigan

Mar        Mums the Word Teenagers            Shirley Barnett


Oct         Rumors                                              Emilia Guthrie

Jul          Autumn Song                                   Penny Dennis

Mar        Quartet                                               Shirley Barnett


Oct        Two Floors Up                                    Kelly McLoughlin-Wilden

Jul          Mum’s The Word                            Shirley Barnett

Mar        Brilliant Lies                                      Rex Madigan


Oct         2 Doors Down                                  Kelly McLoughlin-Wilden

Jul          King Lear                                           Shirley Barnett

Mar        Summer of the 17th Doll                 Rex Madigan


Oct         The Invisible Woman                     Shirley Barnett

Jul          Seven Little Australians                  Anne Joyce

Mar        The Outback Debutantes Ball        Chris McNichol

               Light and Heavy                               David Quinn

(Perfecting My Nature Strip, Under Control)    



Oct         Falling from Grace                          Kelly McLoughlin-Wilden

Jul          Trojan Women                                Shirley Barnett

Mar        The Flying Pieman                          Alex Hood


Oct         Gone to Bali                                     David Quinn

Jul          Hamlet                                              Shirley Barnett

Mar        Swingtime Canteen                        Pat Slattery?


?             The Skin Of Our Teeth                   Shirley Barnett

July        Arsenic and Old Lace                     David Quinn

Mar        Disneyland or Bust                         David Quinn


Oct         Reedy River                                      Shirley Barnett

Aug        Away                                                 David Quinn


Nov        Summer Shorts                                ?

July        The Sentimental Bloke                  Shirley Barnett

May       The Dresser                                      David Quinn


Nov        Stepping Out                                    David Quinn

Nov        Bombshells                                       Shirley Barnett

July        Cloudstreet                                       Jean Newman

Mar        The Glass Menagerie                      Brian Fitzsimmons


Nov        Travelling North                              Shirley Barnett

Aug        2 Doors Down                                  Kellie McLoughlin-Wilden

Aug        Cityscope                                          Shirley Barnett/David Quinn

Mar        Hot Taps                                            David Quinn


Nov        The Importance of Being Earnest  Jeffrey Scotford

July        Face To Face                                       Shirley Barnett

Apr         Triple Heat                                          Jean Newman/Julie Fouad


Nov        It Runs in the Family                       Jean Newman

Aug        MacBeth                                            Shirley Barnett

Apr         Triple Treat                                       Jean Newman


Nov        Secret Bridesmaids Business        Jeffrey Scotford

Nov        Ginger Meggs & the Missing Link  Shirley Barnett

Aug        Mort                                                   Beckley Vincent

Apr         The Legend of King O’Malley        Brian Fitzsimmons

Feb         Marat                                                 Jean Newman


June       Six Pack                                            Jeffrey Scotford

Feb         After The Ball                                   Shirley Barnett


Nov        Out Of Order                                    Jean Newman

Jul          Much Ado About Nothing             Shirley Barnett

Mar        Cosi                                                    Jean Newman


Oct         Heretic                                               Shirley Barnett

July        Run for your Wife                            ?

July        Fossils (CHATTERS)                         Shirley Barnett

Feb         Equus                                                 Jean Newman

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