Welcome to CHATS

CHATS is a Coffs Harbour based amateur theatrical society.

Our mission statement is "Community Theatre for everybody!"

Coffs Harbour Amateur Theatrical Society (CHATS)

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CHATS ran a very successful puppetry workshop at the theatre on Sunday July17th). This ties in with our plans for a show next year.

Why puppets? Productions such as Warhorse, Shrek, The Lion King and The Very Hungry Caterpillar all use puppets to bring a sense of wonder and magic to the performance. Puppets can help an audience to suspend their disbelief as they enter a new realm of unreality during a show, and puppets can bring to life animals, scenes or concepts that would be difficult to portray with human actors.

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Stage Whispers Courses

Below is a link to a Stage Whispers  directory that details a wide variety of training opportunities across Australia for aspiring young (and old) actors to gain more experience and hone their talents. It is a fantastic resource and anyone looking to do more theatre is strongly encouraged to take a look!


Working With Children Checks

During the course of some productions, you may have to work onstage alongside younger children. As a precaution, we will be requesting that people in such a position please aquire a NSW working with children check from the link below, to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all involved.